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Bowmer + Kirkland

Project type


Building type

Various structures

Portacabins; Single

Two & Three storey traditional brick

Single storey steel framed

Sequence plan

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Value of project

£1.5 Million

Timescale of project

2 years

TRD Partners




Our works involved:-

  • Appointment of TRD Demolition Design Team (DDT) including Internal Demolition Engineers, Specialist sub-contractors and designers;

  • Preplanning and allocation of adequate resources to meet required sequenced programme;

  • Appointment of supervisory team to control multiple working zones;

  • Stringent Covid-19 and nuisance (dust, noise and vibration) controls to provide ultimate protection to surrounding live hospital facilities including on-site monitoring; at-source damping down; remote
    spray/Dust Boss units;

  • Removal of hazardous materials located within former hospital structures;

  • Waste audit including identification of materials for reuse, recycle. Incl. salvaging of roof slates; brickwork; timbers and steelwork; Extensive crushing phase to produce clean, inert 6F2 materials for reuse within the redevelopment works;

  • Strip out of all internal items;

  • Set up of site boundary and traffic control measures to protect internal hospital routes;

  • Demolition of structures by both hand and mechanical means;

  • Careful hand separation to retained listed clock tower structure;

  • Sub-structure removal works down to specified levels;

Our specialist capabilities:-

weekend/night working, working from height, demolition by hand etc.