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Specialist Services

Specialist Cutting

We specialise in diamond sawing services including track, wire, floor, and hand / ring sawing

To accommodate the major changes to a structure we’ve developed a cutting and drilling service employing various cutting, drilling and carving methods including:-

• Propping schemes
• Robotic Demolition (Brokk)
• Concrete cracking
• Floor sawing
• Diamond cutting
• Diamond / Core Drilling

Specialist cutting services are an important part of any type of construction/deconstruction project to create holes and openings from 10mm to 1m in diameter.

Through using the latest machinery and technology within the industry, we can drill through all types of hard material including:-

• concrete
• tarmac
• block
• brickwork

Specialist cutting is also an effective method of creating holes for anchoring bolts and load carrying devices.

Our diamond drilling service provides a quick set up that carries out fast and accurate cutting. This process is relatively quiet, tidy and dust free and usually requires minimum remedial works.

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